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Những cây Harmonica đắt nhất thế giới

Mời bà con chiêm ngưỡng vài cây Harmonica đắt nhất thế giới giới hiện nay

Hohner Silver Concerto Chromatic Harmonica $5,775.00

The ultimate Hohner chromatic harmonica, the Silver Concerto is the instrument of choice for classical concert soloists. A unique beauty emanates from the 92.5% sterling silver body, silver mouthpiece and covers. This model has a three octave range and offers a sweet full tone with great depth produced by the finest brass reedplates. A genuine work of art any harmonica player or collector will treasure. Players of this elite instrument include Larry Adler and Tommy Reilly. Twelve holes. three octaves. Key of C only.

Suzuki Orchestral & Ensemble Chord $1495.00

Suzuki has been producing the highest quality Harmonicas for over fifty years and has elevated the manufacturing process to an art form, as evidenced by the exceptional Orchestral Chord Harmonica, pictured here. The chord harmonica is an essential part of ensemble performance and we're proud to offer the most exclusive instrument of its kind for your performance goals. Major and 7th chords arranged on the upper row, and Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords are arranged on the lower row. 192 holes among each 2 rows of top and bottom combs create the 48 chords. Chords and melody are very easy to play. Each note has 2 reeds which create thick and rich chord sounds. Each instrument comes in a beautiful velvet lined case with protective carrying pouch.

Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic $999.00

The revolutionary new Suzuki SCT-128 Professional 16 hole Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica reflects the highest achievement in harmonica manufacture by combining technological breakthroughs with experience gathered since 1953. New, unique, different, innovative. All words that describe the most exceptional harmonica ever produced.
Beautiful & Rare
Just to look at and feel the SCT-128 is an experience onto itself. The beautiful compact and streamlined organic body has a unique shape that you will never want to put down. Due to the precision of its hand made components and limited production, this is truly a rare instrument that only a special few will be able to play and enjoy.
Chromatic & Slider
Take the finest chromatic harmonica with slider in the world and add a unique tremolo sound. A fusion of mind and matter that produces a hauntingly beautiful sound. Precise and precious, the new SCT-128 incorporates the earth's most exceptional elements. The new Suzuki SCT-128 Professional 16 hole Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica . . . imagine one soon.
Features & Specs

* 16 holes, 64 notes, 128 reeds, C-D4
* Plastic resin body
* Brass reedplates
* Phosphor bronze reeds
* Chrome plated brass covers
* Gold plated brass mouthpiece
* Tooled leather holder

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