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Harmonica: Free Edition !

It works with your lips!
*One of the iTunes Top 10 Paid Music Apps of 2008*
Harmonica. The hilarious new way to make music on your iPhone.
Harmonica features a genuinely-sampled 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Both single notes and chords are playable, as are "blow" notes and "draw" notes. Harmonica includes all 12 keys - it's like having 12 harmonicas in your pocket!
Harmonica couldn't be simpler to use. Simply touch your lips to the Harmonica, and play away! You don't even need to blow! If you'd prefer not to put your iPhone in your mouth, Harmonica works with your fingers too.
Whether you use it to make your friends laugh, impress that pretty girl, or to annoy your co-workers, Harmonica is indispensable.

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